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About Us

The San Benito CISD Police Department is committed to the safety and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and visitors who come onto our school. We enhance existing security measures by working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies which includes other school district police departments. San Benito CISD Police Department employs state licensed police officers, security personal, civilian staff and a dispatcher.
The San Benito CISD Police Department Officers have taken basic law enforcement instructors course designed to help prepare lesson plans for the classroom presentations. The San Benito CISD Police Officers ensure community involvement by working closely with parent organizations, citizens groups and local businesses by providing prevention strategies to reduce incidents on or off school campuses.


The Mission of the San Benito CISD Police Department is to provide a safe environment for the students ,faculty staff, and visitors of San Benito CISD. Our focus in achieving this endeavor will consist of professional and ethical behavior to hold the highest regard for human life. We will follow within the constitutional guidelines afforded to ensure fair and equal treatment of the people we have sworn to protect and serve.

Our Mission to Protect And Serve will be a step by step process involving the following Goals

– Collaboration between students, faculty, staff, residents of the community, local businesses and law enforcement agencies.
– Education students and staff through awareness programs and classroom presentations.
– Working to increase trust to improve relations between the CISD Police and students, thus deterring the crime the fear of becoming a victim of crime. Students will feel safe and secure focusing more on their studies.
– Becoming one of the safest schools in Texas within the next few years ensuring the quality of life for all the students and staff of San Benito CISD.
– Implementing anti drug and safety awareness programs geared toward improving the welfare of students lives within the school district.